Prof. P.B. Sharma

President Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Vice Chancellor Amity University


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Profile - About Me

Prof. P.B. Sharma

Born in April 1948 at Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, Professor Pritam B. Sharma graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Samrat Ashok Technological Institute with a GOLD MEDAL of Faculty of Technology of Vikram University in 1969. He was sent by Govt. of India as a National Scholar for higher studies abroad and he obtained his Post Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Birmingham (UK) in 1974 and received the Post Graduate Prize for being the topper of the Engineering Faculty of University of Birmingham. He later received his Doctorate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 1978. Prof. Sharma is a man of vision and firm commitment and resolve to nurture academic and professional excellence in originations and Institutions to which he has associated himself during his 37 years long professional career.

He brings with him a combine of the wisdom of an IIT professor, an institution builder and Director of premier institutions such as DCE and maturity to excel a university of technology of which he was the founder Vice-Chancellor. Prof. Sharma is an IT savvy technical education administrator having knowledge and vision of building world class institutions. Prof Sharma is currently the Vice-Chancellor of Amity University and President of Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

Academic Positions
  • 2018 2017


    Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

  • Present 2014

    Vice Chancellor

    Amity University

  • 2014 2009

    Vice Chancellor

    Delhi Technological University

  • 2009 2008


    Delhi College of Engineering

  • 2008 2006

    Vice Chancellor

    Rajiv Gandhi Technological University,Bhopal, MP

  • 2006 2003


    Delhi College of Engineering

  • 2003 1999


    Rajiv Gandhi Technological University,Bhopal, MP

  • 1999 1990


    Delhi College of Engg. Delhi

  • 1994 1990


    Mech. Engg. IIT Delhi

  • 1990 1980

    Asstt. Professor

    IIT Delhi

  • 1980 1978


    IIT Delhi

  • 1978 1969


    Mech. Engg. Dept. S.A.T.I.Vidisha M.P.

Education & Training
  • Ph.D. Mech. Engg. Dept1978
    University of Birmingham (UK)

    Rotating Stall Behaviour of an Axial Compressor Rotor.

  • M.Sc. (Engg.), Mech. Engg. Dept.1974
    University of Birmingham (UK)

    Topper of 1974, Received the Avery Prize for Postgraduate Studies.

  • B.E. (Mechanical)1974
    Vikram University, Ujjain

    First Class First, "Gold Medallist"

Honors, Awards & Fellowships Conferred
  • 2013
    Honorary Doctorate of Engineering (Honoris Causa) by University of Birmingham (U.K)
  • 2013
    "Outstanding Contribution to Education", ET NOW National Education Leadership Awards
  • 2012
    ABP News National B- School Award – 2012 – For Outstanding Contribution to Technical Education
  • 2011
    Star News National B- School Award -2011- For Outstanding Contribution to Technical Education
  • 2009
    "Lifetime Achievement Award 2009" from Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering
  • 2008
    Eminent Engineer Award by The Institution of Engineers (India) Delhi State Center
  • 2005
    Fellow of Indian Society of Technical Education
  • 2004
    Jeevanmal Nahata Memorial Award
  • 2002
    Scroll of Honour from Narmada Hydro Power Corporation
  • 2001
    Scroll of Honour from Institution of Engineers (India)
  • 1999
    President, Engineering Sciences Division, 86th Indian Science Congress
  • 1999
    Fellowship of World Academy of Productivity Sciences
  • 1998
    Distinguished Leadership Award by American Biographical Institute, USA.
  • 1998
    Fellow of Institution of Environment Engineers (India)
  • 1997
    Sir C. V. Raman Memorial Award
  • 1993
    ICME Award of Order of Merit in Management
  • 1992
    NAFEN Excellence Award
  • 1992
    Fellow, Aeronautical Society of India
  • 1992
    Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India)

Research Summary

Professor Sharma spent 5 years at University of Birmingham, UK in higher studies and research. He was a Rolls Royce Research Fellow at Birmingham, where he worked on Surge and Stall problems in turbofan engines. Prof. Sharma was hand picked by IIT Delhi from UK to join IIT Delhi in 1978. Prof. Sharma worked in IIT Delhi for 12 years and rose to the position of Professor of Mechanical Engineering. During his 12 years at IIT Delhi, he made significant contribution to teaching and R&D in the areas of computer aided simulation and online studies of Power Generating Systems and Aero-Engine-Technology. He has guided 14 Ph.D scholars and has undertaken a number of major R&D Projects sponsored by the Government and Private Agencies. He offered consultancy to a number of reputed industries and organizations which include GTRE Bangalore and world renowned Rolls Royce of UK. His work on optimization of Thermal power plants and Contra Rotation for Surge and Stall free aero-compressors is highly valued internationally.

  • Power Generating Systems
  • Aero-Engine-Technology
  • Biofuel Technologies
  • Technical Education Management
  • Science & Spirituality
Research Projects
Sharma P.B., “Surge and Stall Studies in an Axial Compressor", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS01/89, AR&DB, Min. of Defence, March 1989.
Sharma P.B., “Development of a Data Acquisition System for Flow Investigation in a Contra-Rotating Axial Compressor", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS01/85, AR&DB, Min of Defence, March 1985. The report has been approved and accepted by Propulsion Panel
Sharma P.B., “Investigation of Contra-Stage Performance", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS02/86, Rolls Royce Plc. (UK), Nov. 1986.
Sharma P.B., “Investigation of Contra-Stage Performance – Normal Fan", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS02/86, Rolls Royce Plc. (UK), Nov.1986.
Sharma P.B.,, “A Study of Rotating Stall in a GTX Compressor Stage using Hydraulic Analogy", Final Report CW – 38/84, GTRE Bangalore, April 1987.
Railly J.W., Sharma P.B. & Ekerol H., “A Study of Radial Compressor Stall" Res. Report No. 179, University of Birmingham, Final Report to Nat. Eng. Laboratory (UK), April 1986.
Sharma P.B., Papageorgeou & Railly J.W., “A Study of Anomalous Rotating Stall Behaviour of Axial Compressors", Res. Report No. 169, University of Birmingham, Final Report Rolls Royce plc (UK), Dec.1980.
Sharma P.B. & Railly J.W., “Influence of Downstream Throttling Conditions on Pressure Field at the Exit of a Stalled Blade Row", Res. Report No. 163, University of Birmingham, (UK), March 1976.
Sharma P.B. & Railly J.W., “A Note on Rotating Stall Stability Criteria", Res. Report No.153, University of Birmingham (UK), March 1976.
Sharma P.B. & Railly J.W., “Some Observations on Stall Behaviour of an Isolated Compressor Rotor", Res. Report No. 154, University of Birmingham (UK), August 1976.
Sharma P.B., “Investigations of Contra-Stage Performance – RR Contra Fan", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS/89, Rolls Royce plc. (UK), Dec. 1989.
Sharma P.B., “Investigation of Contra-Stage-Aeroacoustic Performance", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS/90, Rolls Royce plc.(UK), Jan. 1990.
Sharma P.B., “Investigation of Slip Characteristic of Drive Band for AIFS Projectiles", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS/90, Min of Defence, Nov. 1990.
Sharma P.B., “A Study of Supersonic Ejector using Hydraulic Analogy", Res. Report No. IITD/ME/PBS/90, Nov. 1990
Sharma PB & Sethi Vk, “80 kW Wind Solar hybrid at RGTU", MNRE, Govt of India, Aug 2008
Sharma PB & Sethi Vk, “ A Pilot plant development of 500kg per day CO2 Absorption and its conversion into Hydrogen, Methane and Bio-diesel", Dept of S&T, Govt of India, April 2008.
Naveen Kumar & P B Sharma et al, “Development of an Efficient Biodiesel Reactor for Rural Application and Utilization of Multi Feedstock derived Biodiesel in Medium Capacity Diesel Engine", Completion Report, MNRE, Govt of India, Project No 7/36/2003-NT,


Ph.D. Projects Supervised
  • 1986

    V. Krishna, IITD

    Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Heat Rate of a Thermal Power Plant

  • 1989

    Y.P. Jain, IITD

    Stalling Behaviour of Contra-rotating Axial Compressor Stage Plant

  • 1989

    S.K. Bansal, IITD

    Stalling Behaviour of Contra-rotating Axial Compressor Stage Plant

  • 1990

    D.S. Pundhir, IITD

    Aero-acoustic Performance of a Ducted Contra-rotating Compressor Stage

  • 1993

    P.K. Gupta, NSIT

    Trends in Higher Technical Education, A Techno-economic Analysis

  • 1995

    Y.S. Goel, IITD

    Thermal Performance of a Cooling Tower – Condenser System

  • 1996

    Adremi Adekoya, DCE

    Through-flow Study in a Contra-rotating Axial Compressor

  • 1997

    Imran Khan, Jamia Millia Islamia

    Thermal Analysis of Solar Desalination Stills (Dr.G.N.Tiwari, IITD, Jt.Sup.)

  • 2001

    O.P.Sharma, DCE

    Management of Flexible Technology in Industries

  • 2003

    Sagar Maji, DCE

    Studies on Bio Fuels for Automobiles

  • 2004

    Pawan K Sharma, DCE

    Total quality Mgt of Tech Edu

  • 2005

    Mukesh Pandey, RGTU

    Computer aided Design of Multi-goal Problems

  • 2006

    Shamama Ahmed, Jamia Millia Islamia

    Combined Aided Analysis of Multi Stage Contra-rotating Axial Compressor

  • 2012

    Rajiv Choudhary,

  • 2013

    Pankaj Jain,

  • 2013

    Pankaj Jain,

  • Thesis Submitted

    Rajneesh Mahajan,

    Supply Chain Management in Food Processing Industry

  • - do -

    O.P. Shukla,

    Flexibility Management in Higher Technical Education

  • - do -

    Raghvendra Gautam,

  • - do -

    Shailesh Mani Pandey,

  • - do -

    Manish Sharma,

    Emotional Intelligence Driven Qualitative Market Research Techniques: An Exploratory Study



Path to Excellence: A Memoir by India’s Distinguished Academician

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Conducting Polymers – A Review

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The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change

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Role of Higher Education in Building Employability Quotient

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Role of Higher Education in Building Employability Quotient

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“Meet and Greet the Challenges of 21 st Century and Groom yourself as World Class Professionals and Global citizens at AUH Gurgaon”

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JournalsVice Chancellor’s Address to the Freshers at Amity University Gurgaon

“Engineers of the New Age-Innovate and Create a Better World”

Sharma P.B.
JournalsEngineers Day Lecture at ISCA Delhi


Consultancy Projects undertaken

(i) Rolls Royce Plc. (U.K.)

Worked as Consultant In charge of a consultancy project on Contra-fan Stage Investigation. The project is being carried out at IIT Delhi and is useful for Future Ultra-high Bypass Ratio Turbo-fan Engine being developed by Rolls Royce Plc. (U.K.)

Year Completed
Part I Contra-fan Performance 1986
Part II Normal Rotor – Stator Stage 1987
Part III Rotor – Rotor (Contra) Stage 1989
Part IV Aero Acoustic Investigation 1990

(ii) Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore

"Rotating Stall Studies for GTX Aero Engine Compressor Stage using a Rotating Water Table". Completed in 1986

In this project, the compressor stage was simulated on a water table. Aerofoil blades for rotor and stator for the water table simulator are machined using a N.C. machine at IIT Delhi. The detailed performance of the stage was studied using an on-line signal processor.

(iii) Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore

"Cracking of Hydro Turbines" – In this project, the causes of cracking of Francis Turbines, installed at the Right Bank Bhakra Power, are investigated. Detailed computation of rotor dynamics of these turbines are carried out to find the excitation frequencies. Completed in 1986

(iv) Driving Band for AIFS Projectiles

The Project was concerned with Ramjet Propelled Project Spin Control Clients : Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India Status : Completed in Nov.1990

(v) CNG in IC engines, 1992 (Co Investigator Prof S Maji)

Under this R&D project the use of CNG for automotive engine was investigated to establish reduced emissions and improved engine performance. The work led to large scale utilization of CNG for transport vehicles.

(vi) Development of Bio-diesel Reactors at DCE, 2003 (Co Investigator Prof Naveen Kumar)

Under this programme, Bio-diesel reactors of 10, 100 and 600 ltrs per day capacity were designed, developed and commissioned in Bio-diesel Park of DCE. Extensive research has been carried out on use of biodiesel mix for automotive engines. Use of neat biodiesel for IC Engines for tomorrow‟s generators has also been carried out.

(vii) Development of DCE Hybrid, 2005 (Co- Supervisor Prof S Maji)

A single seater Hybrid car with centre steering was designed and developed for participation in the green car competition at Newark in US. The car has a 350cc petrol engine integrated with a battery driven drive chain supported by a 3.5 hp motor. The DCE Hybrid touched 27 km/ltr on engine mode and 100 km on a single battery charge and bagged the First Prize in Student Category in 2005

(viii) Development of Supermilege Vehicle at DCE, 2005 (Co-supervisor Prof S Maji)

A Supermilege single seater car capable of achieving over 225 km/ltr was designed and developed by reengineering a 110cc IC engine into a 55cc four stroke electronic ignition engine. The aerodynamically designed car body achieved the drag to lift ratio of 0.08 and touched 225 km/ltr on mileage. The DCE Supermilege vehicle competed in the world competition at Marshall, Michigan US and received the Best Visual appeal and Best Aerodynamic Award in 2005

(ix) Development of 80 kW Solar wind Hybrid at RGTU, 2007

At RGTU an innovative project of development of 80kW Solar Wind Hybrid has been undertaken under sponsorship of Min of New and Renewable Energy Resources, Govt. of India in 2007. The project is under installation. It comprises of 5 wind turbines each of 12kW capacity integrated with Solar power of 3kW and each separately connected to electric load of Street lighting, Boys hostel, Administrative block and two Academic blocks of RGTU.

(x) Development of 500kg/day CO2 Absorption and its conversion into Hydrogen, Methane and Biodiesel at RGTU, 2008

This is one of the high value impact project aligned to mitigate climate change by designing and developing a Pilot Plant for capture of 500kg per day of CO2 and its conversion into Hydrogen, Methane and algae based biodiesel. The project has been sponsored by Dept of S&T Govt. of India and is in advanced stage of its implementation at RGTU Green Energy Technology Park.

(xi) MNRE 100 kW Solar Photovoltaic Project at DTU, Co-Investigator Dr. J.P. Kesari.

Under this project a 100 kW Solar PV Plant is being installed at DTU to showcase latest technology developments in the areas of Solar PV.

(xi) MNRE 100 kW Solar Photovoltaic Project at DTU, Co-Investigator Dr. J.P. Kesari.

Under this project a 50 litres per day Biogas plant is being developed for installation near the DTU Canteen to utilize the kitchen waste from University Canteen and Hostel Messes.

(xiii) Development of a Biodiesel reactor for production of Bio-Diesel from waste cooking oil-Department of Environment, Government of India, 2010. Phase I completed and Phase II in progress. (Co-Investigators: Prof. S Maji, Dr. S S Kachhwaha & Dr. Amitpal)

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